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mehanicheskaya obrabotka

On "UPTC" OOO machining of metals is one of the most important areas of work.

Mechanical manufacturing includes:

  • blank section
  • turning and milling section
  • section with CNC machines
  • heat treatment phase
  • grinding area
  • welding division
  • washing area
  • packing area
  • quality control department

Our company is equipped with a modern park of machines, which is based on modern lathes and milling machines with numerical control. In addition to CNC machines, the company uses a wide range of other technological equipment: turning, boring, milling, planing, gear processing, grinding, slotting, welding, heat treatment.

Thanks to highly qualified specialists, the use of a wide range of equipment, following all accepted standards and quality control of products at all stages of production, the company performs a full cycle of manufacturing details with proper quality and in time.

Our enterprise manufactures assembly units and accessories for different branches of mechanical engineering and accepts orders both for single and batch manufacture of articles from steel, aluminium, titanium, copper, brass and other nonferrous metal alloys.

Engineering capability of our equipment:

Type of machiningMain dimensionsNotes
1 Metall cutting on contour band machine

Max ∅ = 330 mm

Max ∅ = 250 mm

Contour band machines:

Cosen SH-500M

Cosen SH-1016JA

2 Lathe

Min ∅ = 1 mm, Max ∅ = 1000 mm, 

L = 5000 mm

Component weight is up to 2 tons
Big fleet of machines
3 Milling Max dimensions 1100х300х400 mm Depending on table stroke size
4 Coordinate boring Max dimensions 400х630х270 mm Depending on table stroke size
Weight is up to 320 kg
 5  Flat grinding Max dimensions 1000х350х250 mm  
6 Cylindrical grinding Max ∅ = 300 mm, L = 1000 mm  
7 Inner grinding Min ∅ = 20 mm, Max ∅ = 200 mm  L = 200 mm
8 Gear hobbing

Max ∅ = 800 mm, H = 400 mm

Min m = 3,

Max m = 8

9 Slotting Component height is up to 500 mm max Max stroke: 320 mm
10 EDM wire-eroding

Max dimensions of table 415х635 mm, 

H = 300 mm

Power stroke:
max 500х500 mm
11 Lathe milling with CNC

2 axis lathe

Max ∅ = 125 mm, L = 650 mm
Rod ∅ = 50 mm, L = 1000 mm

12 Lathe with CNC

2 axis lathe

Max ∅ = 500 mm, L = 650 mm
Rod ∅ = 65 mm, L = 400 mm

13 Milling machining centers with CNC - 4 machines 3 axis
Max dimensions 700х700x400 mm
Max weight is 700 kg
positional accuracy is ±0,01 mm
14 Milling machining center with CNC 5 axis
Max ∅ = 630 mm
Max weight is 500 kg
positional accuracy is ±0,01 mm
15 Welding

Argon arc welding: chamber for welding of titanium and stainless steel products in argon and other inert gases

source LORCH40
16 Heat treatment

Electrical furnace hearth (Т is up to 1100°С) - 450х450х1400 mm

Electrical furnace shaft - Max ∅ = 600 mm, L = 900 mm (with the possibility of heat treatment in the environment of protective gases, as well as cementation)

17 Galvanics According to customer's reference design

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