High quality products

The quality of our products is widely known in the country, thanks to the conscientious and stable work of our industrial company.

An integrated approach to work, modern management methods, mobility, rich experience and high qualification of the company's specialists guarantee the timeliness and quality of orders.

Our clients

The company "Ecomash + Ural" OOO is one of the leaders of industrial enterprises in the Urals Federal District, including in the Sverdlovsk region.

Among our customers there are enterprises of the nuclear industry, enterprises of the military-industrial complex, as well as enterprises of the oil refining and energy industries.

Industrial company "UPTC" OOO

The company "UPTC" OOO was founded in 2007 in Ural region.

We have experience in the supply of serial products, made by mechanical processing and the manufacture of equipment for automation and power supply, low-voltage switchgear, electrical cabinets, cable harness products for enterprises of the military-industrial, nuclear and oil and gas sectors.

The structure of our enterprise includes: mechanical manufacture, electrotechnical manufacture, welding and thermal sites, laboratory of not destroying control and design office.

Strategic partner

  • mechanical restoration
  • sheet processing
  • welding station
  • electrotechnical production
  • manufacture and repair of DC and AC electric machines

The advantages of working with us

  • Product  quality

Quality of our production is widely known in the country, thanks to conscientious and stable work of our enterprise.

  • Integrated approach

An integrated approach to work, modern management methods, mobility, rich experience and high qualification of specialists of the enterprise – one of our main principles.

  • Order execution time

Terms of execution of the order merge with results, strengthen business relations with clients, guarantee timely delivery of commodity production.

  • Individual approach

Individual approach to the customer consists of features: to study requirements, to define tactical, strategic goals and objectives.

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Mechanical restoration
Our enterprise produces assembly units and parts for various engineering industries and accepts orders for both single and serial production of steel, aluminum, titanium, copper, brass and other non-ferrous metal alloys.
Services of design bureau
The design bureau carries out the design of experimental equipment for various production tasks. By entrusting us with the solution of your design tasks, you will receive a full range of engineering services, which includes the stages of the development of the terms of reference, preparation and coordination of design documentation, development of documentation for non-standard equipment, 3D visualization of wiring diagrams, localization, etc.
Production of cable-harness products
All products are manufactured using the latest tool for crimping wire veins on the tips and plugs, providing an impeccable connection. The harnesses can be assembled either separately or as part of printed circuit boards.


Equipment for the energy industry
The group of companies "Ecomash + Ural" together with the enterprise developer LLC SPE "ELVEST" specializes in the development and production of high-voltage vacuum switching equipment.
Analysis and testing of various materials
The organization includes a non-destructive testing laboratory (NLS) and a testing laboratory that provides non-destructive testing of equipment, testing, research and analysis of metals and alloys.

For the date, the company employs about 100 specialists.

Specialists and managers are certified in industrial safety, and also certified by the Federal Service for Environmental and Technological and Nuclear Supervision.

All production facilities and areas (6000 m2) are owned.

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