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zadvigka 3sh 80h105 azp 03

VALVE 3Ш-80х105/АЗП.


  • Ball valve ЗШ-80х105, used as a locking device and is used to completely block the flow of the working fluid.
  • Is installed in the valve gate wellhead АЗП-180х35-180х14/89-105.
Working pressure, MPa 105
Drift diameter, mm 78
Operating temperature range, 0С from -60 to +40
Overall dimensions 320×530×540
Mass, kg 250
Valve drive Manual, through reducer
Method of connection of the discharge line Сп.Tr136×7,2
Thread for connection with the wellhead valve special bolt БРС 150 mm
Type of drive reducer worm gear actuator
The load capacity for the top bolt БРС 50 tons'

Сomponents of prefabricated product VALVE 3Ш-80х105/АЗП.




zadvigka 3sh 80h105 azp 01

zadvigka 3sh 80h105 azp 02

zadvigka 3sh 80h105 azp 04

Our company is ready to manufacture according to your technical task and the size of the shut-off valve high pressure up to 1500 physical atmosphere.

To order, please contact "Oil-service rental" OOO
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